As a small firm, Stack & O’Connor strives to provide its clients high quality legal representation on a cost-effective basis. We do this by limiting our practice to areas in which we have both knowledge and experience. One such area is intellectual property. All options for the protection of IP are discussed with our clients, with a primary emphasis on the cost-benefit effect of each option. In consultation with our clients, we can implement a program of protection and enforcement that the client concludes is appropriate for its needs and budget.

We also offer substantial experience in developing regulatory solutions for our clients, including the obtaining of governmental authorization to operate, as well as in investigations and formal proceedings before boards and commissions. We have experience in the areas of education and gaming, and have obtained successful results in elections, commerce, labor, and insurance matters, among others. We have experience filing and presenting whistleblower suits to United States Attorneys. Finally, we assist clients in assessing the regulatory background necessary for the closing of a transaction.

We do this by limiting our practice to areas where we have both knowledge and experience. One such area is the manufacture and sale of generic sildenafil medicine.

From time to time, our clients ask us for assistance in achieving legislative solutions on a variety of issues. Stack & O’Connor provides counsel regarding every stage of legislative proceedings, from concept and drafting, to committee presentations to the final vote and executive approval.

In addition to our core areas of practice, Stack & O’Connor has a long history of serving as local counsel to out-of-state firms in Chicago-based commercial litigation and transactions. Located across the street from the federal courthouse and a short walk from the main Cook County courthouse, the firm provides convenient facilities, logistical support, substantial trial experience, and requisite trial bar membership.

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